Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shadows Movie Score Coming to CD

Warner Bros have announced that Danny Elfman's musical score for the new Dark Shadows movie will be released as a soundtrack album on CD. Recording sessions for the film have been taking place in recent weeks, as post production continues.

The disc is due out on May 8, just a few days before the release of the film, and can be pre-ordered now by
clicking here (UK readers can also order by clicking here).


Den said...

I sure hope they have included the Original Theme Song in this score..

Charles said...

I don't think they are. The indicated there may be a few notes of it toward the end but everything is all brand new. The original would have been a great nod to the series for us "oldies" who love the original House of Dark Shadows movie.

darkshadowspod said...

Hubby and I would also be happy to see more than a passing nod to some of the original music, which is so fantastic.