Friday, March 23, 2012

New Movie Still Unveils Barnabas' Portrait

Warner Bros have issued a new image from the Dark Shadows movie, showing Johnny Depp's Barnabas posing in the hall of Collinwood beneath his portrait. Click on the image for a larger view.

Image © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


vderricks said...

WOW! Now this is more like the handsome Barnabas I remember from my childhood...except for those damned nails!

thegraveyardkey said...

I like the nails! There more like claws, showing hes a "hideous creature". This isn't twilight you know? This will actually be a good movie.

Barnalust said...

The portrait appears to be composed of both Mr.'s Depp and Frid's features; Frid's being predominant. That is a clever way to pay homage to a most elegant man in "the first Barnabas Collins". I agree, vderricks, Depp's Barnabas is quite handsome, much like our Barnabas from years past. He really has gotten the regal and imperious stance down well. His gaze reminds me of Frid's--he has same those dark, intense eyes in every scene and it's uncanny the resemblance. I am delighted that they kept Barnabas' bangs and 18th c. duds--so romantic looking!