Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picture of the Week: Elizabeth's Unsuspecting Heart

"Innocent Elizabeth! Your unsuspecting heart invites treachery at Collinwood!" This week, it's a brilliant painted cover from the Gold Key
Dark Shadows comic book by George Wilson, featuring a cliff-top rescue and an exciting bird's eye view. 

The issue in question featured unlucky-in-love matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard embarking on a relationship with old flame Damon Coldclaw. Alas, her taste in men proved typically ruinous, with Damon soon plotting to take over Collinwood and the family empire. The highlight of the story features her sending him packing with a well-deserved slap. Go girl! From issue 28, The Visitor, published in October 1974.

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thegraveyardkey said...

Is this what that short part in the trailer was from? The part were Barnabas and someone else is falling off a cliff?