Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shadows Movie Inspires Nail Polish Range

Nail care specialists Orly have announced that they will be releasing a limited edition collection of nail varnish colours to mark the release of the new Dark Shadows movie. The range is due to launch in May, just before the film's debut.

The four colours are: Grave Mistake (a macabre red), Buried Alive (a copper brown shimmer), Mysterious Curse (an iridescent purple) and Decades of Dysfunction (a creamy pink). The shades will be available at selected specialist outlets and can be ordered by clicking on the hyperlinked titles.


thegraveyardkey said...

Wow, second time this has happened. They did this with Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, only OP did it that time. The nail polish sold out quick so I guess Orly is going to make quite a profit. I like the names, but this is so weird. Even so... I am probably going to buy this.

Belle Dee said...

Neat! I'm hoping the movie brings back some 1970s into fashion.

Barnalust said...

Too bad that Depp's Barnabas isn't wearing any. Those terribly stained and grim looking claws are in desperate need of a good manicure. Still, I think the names of the polish are delightful. I think that I will splurge and buy each flavor.