Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Win Pulp Fiction!

Hermes Press have a pair of great new Dark Shadows books out just in time for the new movie. Dark Shadows: The Best of the Original Series collects 12 vintage Gold Key comic strips, while Dark Shadows: The Original Story Digest reprints a rare illustrated storybook from 1970.

Courtesy of our friends at Hermes we have two sets of the books to give away in a special prize draw! To enter, just answer this simple question...

What book did Victoria Winters take back in time to 1795?

Send your answer to with your name and postal address before April 26 for a chance to win. Good luck and be warned, multiple entries will be fed to the werewolf.

1 comment:

Sharon Lynn H. said...

I'm on disc 3 right now...'smile. Oh, well I have to search deep into the shadows to get close to the right DS's answer. The year 1795 huh!? How exciteing..'and I'm "pleased" to have a nice treasure 131 DVD deluxe DS's Original Coffin set to get my answer. I know one thing the cunning & evil Rev. Trask grilled/interrogated Victoria Winters when she went back in time. How frightenting!! Peace, and I shall search.