Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Merchandise Calendar

It's a bumper month for Dark Shadows merchandise, with a host of discount DVD reissues plus novels and comic book collections. Here's a handy guide, so you don't miss a thing. To order any item, click on the hyperlinked titles.

April 3
Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood Reference book (Also available from
Dark Shadows: Trade Paperback 1 Collected reprint of the new comic book series (Also available from

April 10
Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series Limited edition DVD box set
Dark Shadows: The Best of the Original Gold Key Series Classic comic strip reprints (Also available from
Dark Shadows: Angelique's Descent Paperback novel reprint with new material (Also available from
Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch Paperback novel reprint (Also available from

April 30
Dark Shadows: The Complete Revival Series UK Region 2 budget price DVD reissue


Nick Charles fan said...

Still no House /Night of Dark Shadows dvd release date???????????

StuartM said...

The original films are still set for DVD releases, but have been put back until 2013.

Ron_Daisy said...

Delayed again? This is getting to be a habit with Warner Bros.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

So looking forward to our (my sister & I) treasure deluxe DARK SHADOWS: Complete Origional Series DVD set (131 dvd's in all/plus). Limited signed Editions, Wow!! Once again, thank you MPI Home Video's and the Creative Crew & Cast legendary-Acting talents for making our/the fans dream come true. I see nostalgia Classic DS's illustrated books & novels as well..'a must have, also! Big smile. And of course looking forward to the release of House/and Night of Dark Shadows movies on DVD. Both are quite frightenting & totally Classic like the Gothic-Supernatural TV DS's series. Plus, the new movie DARK SHADOWS, May 11th 2012 release chill-bite, can't wait!!!