Monday, April 2, 2012

Shadows Movie Score Track Listing Reveals Spoilers

As we previously reported, Danny Elfman's orchestral score for the new Dark Shadows movie comes to CD next month, just in time for the film's release. Film Music Reporter has scored a peek at the track listing for the album, which is reproduced below.

However beware, the track titles do give away spoilers for the film's storyline, so proceed with caution. To read on, click on the link below. And, if you'd like to pre-order the Dark Shadows Original Score, you can do so by clicking here.

1. Dark Shadows – Prologue (Uncut)
2. Resurrection
3. Vicki Enters Collinwood
4. Deadly Handshake
5. Shadows – Reprise
6. Is It Her?
7. Barnabas Comes Home
8. Vicki’s Nightmare
9. Hypno Music
10. Killing Dr. Hoffman
11. Dumping the Body
12. Roger Departs
13. Burn Baby Burn / In-Tombed
14. Lava Lamp
15. The Angry Mob
16. House of Blood
17. Final Confrontation
18. Widows' Hill – Finale
19. The End? (Uncut)
20. More The End?
21. We Will End You!


pooter said...

The actual track samples are up now.


Nathan Sanders said...

I’m listening to preview excerpts from the Danny Elfman’s score for DARK SHADOWS and what he’s composed is really amazing and quite beautiful. He has even used a bit of one of Robert Cobert’s original themes from the TV show in the prologue although he does NOT use any bits from the well-known main opening title theme. I’m also pleased to say that there is not one “comical” sounding musical note to be found on the entire CD. This makes me think that the trailer is doing a disservice to the film by using the 70′s disco to the extent that it does. As I listen to the 1 minute excerpts from each track on the soundtrack CD, all I can say is it does NOT sound like music composed for a “comedy”. I am very excited now about the film and hope that the tone of the film matches the music I’m hearing that will underscore the new movie.

Richard Clarke Sr. said...

I think old school fans have been somewhat tricked from the beginning from the first picture of the white face makeup on Barnabas to the trailers comedy aspect. After listening to the music score you wonder how that could be possible unless the trailer is a ruse to get the younger or new crowd in to see it that hasn't seen the original shows because I have always heard it to be pretty close to the original. For sure it has created a mystery that remains to be seen. Old school fans all we can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best. Even though the original main title was not in the score line up, I hope they have modernized it and use it because it will hurt the film.. The rest of the music score if fantastic ! I hope this movie is a big success for the old fans and the new. We will see... I love all the old cast now let's see if I can love the new... I could say more but I want to finish with this... I the original ... Barnabas & Willie were a absolute and complete gas!! I loved them all but the chemistry between Barnabas & Willie were my favorite. All though it wasn't suppose to be funny... At times i laughed very hard at them two...