Monday, April 2, 2012

New Shadows Movie Banner Gathers The Cast

Warner Bros. have released another new Dark Shadows poster image, featuring all of the film's lead players. Click on the picture above for a larger view. 

From left to right: Dr. Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter), Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer), David Collins (Gully McGrath), Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp), Willie Loomis (Jackie Earle Haley), Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), Roger Collins (Jonny Lee Miller), Victoria Winters (Bella Heathcote) and Carolyn Stoddard (Chloe Grace Moretz). 

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Sharon Lynn H. said...

I like the intense/hipnotic gaze in Actor Johnny Depp/Barnabas Collins eyes..'it's very BARNABAS/Jonathin FRID lethal gaze when someone crosses him. Haunting and the new DS's Family Cast gathering movie Poster is stunning. Love the ghost blue background and the Vibrancy-chill glow of the characters. Very chilling and embrancing: how so cool the actress that is playing the character Victoria is also Josette Dupre. Nice!! Awesome.