Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picture of the Week: Diana Despairs

This week it's a rare press shot (complete with vintage printing mark-ups) of actress Diana Millay (Laura Collins), taken back in January 1964. In the early sixties Diana had a busy career in episodic television, making many appearances in productions filmed on the west coat. 

"So many of these Hollywood shows deliberately aim for the mediocre," she opined in an outspoken 1961 interview for The Modesto Bee. "You never find this attitude in New York... I think sometimes bad material is a challenge." Clearly on a roll, Diana explained: "I'm a glutton for work. Unless a script is absolutely terrible, I do it. Of course, I'd prefer good material, but I'd rather work than not work, and in television you can't sit around waiting for good scripts."

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Sharon Lynn H. said...

Beautiful B/W photo of the Classic Actress Diana Millay/DS's Laura Collins wife of Roger Collins and Mother to David Collins. She's the woman of flames: a dangerous lady indeed. Great photo & what a handsome huge dog...'my goodness. DIANA looks lovely.