Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Movie Featurette Explores Dark Shadows Sets

Warner Bros have released another behind-the-scenes featurette for the Dark Shadows movie, this time exploring the film's ambitious set designs. Production designer Rick Heinrichs, director Tim Burton and others discuss how the Collinwood mansion and the town of Collinsport were constructed for the big screen. The video can be viewed below and is also available to download in high definition from Apple.


Den said...

Wow.... That is AWESOME. All along I thought the top half of the Collinwood Mansion was CGI. So Impressive! I can hardly wait until Friday!

Frau Wulf said...

Since Disney's Haunted Mansion changes its theme during Halloween/Christmas to Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, I wonder if it'll decide to do a Dark Shadows theme?

thegraveyardkey said...

Dark Shadows is a WB movie, but maybe they'll build a Collinswood mansion in Orlando Florida because they also made a Hogwarts castle.