Friday, May 11, 2012

Dark Shadows London Premiere Video

  • Premiere Scene have posted footage of the London Dark Shadows movie premiere, which includes interviews with the film's stars and can be viewed in the window above.
  • BoxOfficeMojo reports that Dark Shadows took a respectable $550,000 from US midnight screenings last night, and echoes previous industry predictions of the film reaching second place in the US market this weekend behind juggernaut The Avengers, with projected takings of $33.3 million.
  • Eva Green had admitted she was unsure about dyeing her hair to play the witch Angelique: "I didn't want it to look like a silly blonde," she tells People Magazine, but concedes: "It was a great choice, because it represents America, sunshine... health."
  • Yahoo Movies interviews original Victoria Winters actress Alexandra Moltke-Isles about Dark Shadows, her thoughts on the new movie and her memories of Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins): "He was a little reserved, terribly nice, gentlemanly," says Alexandra, who also recalls his problems remembering dialogue. "People misinterpreted that as a different kind of yearning, worry and concern." 
  • The new limited edition Dark Shadows Crimson Amulet make-up set by NYX is now on sale, featuring looks inspired by the new movie. To purchase it online, click here.
  • And finally, Alice Cooper's Dark Shadows costume can be seen on display at Phoenix's Musical Instrument Museum. Curator Cullen Strawn tells the Phoenix New Times that the pieces were "made specifically for Alice to wear in Dark Shadows by [costume designer] Coleen Atwood. It's based on an outfit he wore in the seventies."


K.R. Morrison said...

DARK SHADOWS IS TOO COOL TO NOT GO TO!!! I took my daughter and three friends tonight, and it was terrific! Sure, you see the farcical trailers and think it's some kind of comedy--but it really isn't. It has its light bits--but that's really only to keep you going through the dark stuff that makes up most of it. Lara Parker's Angelique is the first and best, but Eva Green comes really close. There are some scenes that could definitely be explored further as sequels. I hope that pans out. Until then, I will be living at the theater...

Rick said...

So glad to hear you liked it - we're glad to hear it's darker than what the trailers would make it out to be. Definitely looking forward to it.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

Nice coverage London Premiere Interviews w/DARK SHADOWS Cast: it's an fantastic darkly-chill movie. Beautiful deep emotion opening of Victoria Winters on the train (w/Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin) heading to Collinwood to be the new Governess to David Collins/working for the COLLINS Family and the haunting journey she experiences there. Lead Star Actor Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins & Cast totally "shined" and look forward to a DS-2 movie. Also love the indepth interview w/legendary Actress Alexandra Moltka-Isles/the original Victoria in whom to me is never boring...'She brought much humanity, zest and grace to the Classic DARK SHADOWS and Ms. Bella did an splendid job portraying Victoria, Josette & Maggie.