Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dark Shadows Press Highlights

  • The Dark Shadows London movie premiere takes place in Leicester Square this evening, with stars from the film in attendance. Live video of the event can be viewed online from 6.00pm GMT/1.00pm EST by clicking here.
  • Variety is already speculating on the possibility of a Dark Shadows sequel. The film opens this weekend in 42 territories on over 10,000 screens worldwide, with 3,700 of those within the United States. The industry paper says that: "Warners would like to have at least four mega-blockbusters per year, and Dark Shadows, if it hits a vein, could go a long way toward filling that desire." Once again repeating its prediction of a $30-40million yield for the film, it concludes this will be "probably just enough... that Warner Bros. will have a decision to make when the Dark Shadows theatrical run is over."
  • Meanwhile director Tim Burton plays down talk of further Dark Shadows movies in a press chat picked up by Collider, insisting that the film's ending is not engineered to set up a sequel: "Because of the nature of it being like a soap opera, that was the structure. It wasn't a conscious decision... It's a bit presumptuous to think that. If something works out, that’s one thing, but you can’t ever predict that." He also mentions that the film's DVD may include some deleted scenes: "With the nature of it being a soap opera, we cut out stuff, but all the actors were great... I think I'm going to look at having scenes that aren't in the film."
  • Bella Heathcote (Victoria Winters) praises her director, in a press conference highlight picked up by Vanity Fair: "This is how great Tim is: There was one day where I had to be sitting in a wave machine, and I expressed some reservations. I said, 'Oh, I’ll be fine. I just need to get pumped up.' I walked on set, and Tim is blasting Eye of the Tiger!” 
  • Jonny Lee Miller (Roger Collins) tells Vulture how much he enjoyed his retro Dark Shadows wardrobe: "I really loved the costumes. They make you walk in a different way, these outrageous suits. Colleen Atwood's costume design blended what I’d call genuine seventies clothing with a Burton-esque style, if I may use such a word." 
  • Jackie Earle Haley (Willie Loomis) speaks about his Dark Shadows role to website MySA and comments: "Tim Burton plays great homage to the soap, but he also makes that content accessible to the sensibilities of the 2012 audience. There's melodrama, dark moments... but also a light tone with humour."
  • And finally, cameoing rocker Alice Cooper proclaims his enduring youth in a chat with the Los Angeles Times: "They [the filmmakers] decided that they were going to do a computerized thing where they make me [look like I'm from] 1972... I said, 'Well, don't make me look younger. In '72, I was a mess. I looked 20 years older in '72 than I do now.'"


Mr Lonely said...

looks nice~ =D

thegraveyardkey said...

Everyone at school is talking about this film. I'm going to the midnight release for the movie and the theater its at has Dark Shadows cardboard cutouts and posters at every wall. The box office is going to be nuts.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

Awesome, have a grand special May 9th, 2012 Premiere DARK SHADOWS Movie Event LONDON!!! Really nice indepth treasure Interviews w/Director Tim BURTON from Collider and more "cool indepth" Interviews from Vanity Fair, Vulture, MySA, and Los Angelous Times w/the DS's Cast. Enjoyed the Premiere footage on BELLA (Victoria/Josette) etc.,. I really would like to have that poster of her as JOSETTE DUPRES dressed in haunting blue...'Scary!! Looking forward to our big day re-lease here in the USA-MAY 11TH, 2012 just few moments away, really. Can't wait and much success w/the new movie DARK SHADOWS and looking forward to sequels for Collinwood, DS's has many haunting stories to unveil.

Parabolic Muse said...

Just got back from seeing the new movie.
The two people I went with liked it pretty well.
I thought it was awful. But it was all because of the direction. The actors did a fabulous job. The art was great. Depp was the only reason to see it, though. He is always a pleasure to watch and he made a good alternative version of Barnabas.