Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dark Shadows Movie Media Round-Up

  • Variety reports that a sequel to the Dark Shadows movie is already under consideration. Producer Graham King confirmed the news last week at the BritWeek Film & TV Summit event.
  • The official Dark Shadows movie website has been expanded with a new section delving into the film's characters, with background details and new imagery. Pay a visit by clicking here.
  • Jonny Lee Miller (Roger Collins) appeared on last night's edition of The Jimmy Kimmel Show; Eva Green (Angelique Bouchard) will be a guest on the show on Wednesday May 2, with Chloe Grace Moretz (Carolyn Stoddard) on Monday May 7 and Johnny Depp appearing on Tuesday May 8. Other scheduled chat show appearances include Chloe Grace Moretz on the Thursday May 3 edition of The Late Show With David Letterman and Michelle Pfeiffer (Elizabeth Collins Stoddard) on the Monday May 7 edition of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.
  • Dark Shadows costume designer Colleen Atwood has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter about working with original Barnabas Jonathan Frid last summer: "It was a big trip for him... I'm sure it wasn't easy because of his health. What was also sweet was to see was how all the cast members were very kind and caring and genuinely concerned for him on the set."
  • And finally, Entertainment Tonight have posted a video round-table interview with the Dark Shadows cast, including Michelle Pfeiffer describing the original show as "spooky and kind of sexy." To watch online, click here.


wanderingshadow said...

I want to know why the movie web site keeps using the term Victorian. The 18th century was before Queen Victoria's reign. Sorry to nitpick :p

Agent00Soul said...

@wanderingshadow It's NOT nitpicking! I find it annoying as well because it implies that the marketing people didn't do much research. I think Barnabas is supposed to be from 1752 in the movie which is 85 years before Victoria became queen. He'd be a Georgian LOL

thegraveyardkey said...

I love the web site. Its so... pretty.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

The DARK SHADOWS Movie Website looks stunning, fantastic and will venture back! Yes, Actress Ms. Eva Green/Angelique was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night/May 2nd and by surprise I found out she's a twin and she's the daughter of fame Actress Marlene Jobert & her father is a Dentist. How cool! They show the DS's trailer clip of her and Barnabas having heated words before she chained him in his box/casket so to speak. smile! Looking forward to DARK SHADOWS hitting the big screen (again!) May 11th, 2012.