Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dark Shadows Movie Digest

  • The Los Angeles Times has interviewed Colleen Atwood about her costume designs for the new Dark Shadows movie, discussing the influences she drew upon for the production. "Some of it was from reference materials and some of it I remember from growing up," she explains. "There was also a nod to the old show. I tried to pay homage to that with things like Johnny's little cape coat that he wears."
  • Many news sources have picked up on The Killers' surprise contribution to the Dark Shadows soundtrack. The band produced a cover version of the Raspberries' Go All The Way heard during the film's closing credits. The track isn't included on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album, but may be released at a later date.
  • Website DigitalArts goes behind the scenes of the MPC's visual effects work on Dark Shadows. The company produced over 100 shots for the film, including a virtual Widows' Hill and the Liverpool docks seen in the film's opening sequence. To read the full article, click here.
  • And finally, AMC have denied that the Dark Shadows reference on Mad Men in last week's episode was planned as a promotion for the movie; The sixties-set drama featured a scene of Don Draper's wife Megan helping a friend prepare for an audition for the soap: "[It] has absolutely nothing to do with [the] film and is definitely not any kind of tie-in," a spokesperson tells The Wall Street Journal.

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K.R. Morrison said...

You can post this or not--but I realized an inconsistency in the movie. Not that it makes a difference--but I find it amusing.

"Maggie Evans" changes her name on the train to Collinsport. Later, Elizabeth refers to an "application" that Victoria filled out.

Which name did she use on the application? And how did she explain the name change when she got there?