Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Movie to Feature Young Barnabas

Deadline New York reports that Thomas McDonell has been cast to play a young Barnabas Collins in the new Dark Shadows movie. The actor is soon to be seen in the upcoming Disney film Prom, and has appeared in Twelve and The Forbidden Kingdom. Deadline also says that Michael Sheen is in discussions to play Roger Collins, following speculation over the weekend. To read the full article, click here.

Meanwhile, actor David Selby, who played Quentin Collins on the original series has written about the new movie on his official blog: "The fans of Dark Shadows should have no doubt about the talent and commitment Burton and Depp will bring to the project," says David. "And – yes! – I would love a cameo." To read more, click here.


squareheart said...

Okay--so there will be flashback scenes. Hmmmm. Eva Green's remarks about Angelique don't seem to refer to her life as a maid in the eighteenth century--only to her presence in modern Collinsport. So I was wondering how much of that backstory would be explored--tough for a fan of the series, because the time-travel scenes to Barnabas's becoming a vampire were when Dark Shadows really distinguished itself. So who else will have a younger double?

Travis said...

Very curious about the young Barnabas. Thomas McDonell does favor a young Johnny Depp. Very handsome!

Barnalust said...

It would be exciting to see a flashback to the 1790's and Martinique, perhaps, where Barnabas' troubles began. Based on his "age" when resurrected in 1967, and the fact that he was suspended in time from the date of his chaining, wouldn't it seem that this "Young Barnabas" might be from an earlier time, say the 1780's? I'm going by the fact that Jeremiah and Barnabas were supposed to be the same ages, ie., born in 1763--if Jeremiah's tombstone is correct. That would correspond to McDonnell's age, now. What I wonder is this: is Barnabas going to meet Angelique at an earlier time; then, again in the 1790's when she curses him? This would explain why Barnabas would appear older at his resurrection. Having Barnabas and Angelique meet in these decades would be a plot device similar to what Lara Parker used in "Angelique's Descent".