Saturday, March 26, 2011

Movie Scriptwriter Speaks

Collider has interviewed writer Seth Grahame-Smith about his upcoming screen projects, including the new Dark Shadows movie, which begins filming in May. In the article, Grahame-Smith confirms that revisions on the script are still underway and that he has worked closely with Johnny Depp on the character of Barnabas Collins:

"I could meet with Johnny and sit down with him and hear him say these lines and talk to him about how he's going to perform this character. That absolutely dictates the way that you write because you have a basis in which to imagine these words being said... I know what the palette of that is and I can draw on it."

Speaking of the screenplay, Grahame-Smith reveals: "My job on Dark Shadows was to make it fun and funny, first and foremost. It can still be dark and it can still even be gory and gothic at times, but it also needed to be fun and it needed to be an experience that people would enjoy having. I came at it from, 'Let's not be afraid to be funny. Let's make Barnabas funny. Let's see this movie through his eyes and really see a man who is trying to come to terms with what he is, where he is and when he is.'

"I think we really got there with the script. We're still making some tweaks, and there are rehearsals coming up in a couple weeks... but I think everybody is really excited, me included, about where we got." To read the full interview, click here.

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