Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Treasures Of The Night

Site reader Allen Hendrix has written in to share some memorabilia owned by his parents, who were on set for the filming of Night of Dark Shadows at Tarrytown's Lyndhurst estate in 1971.

"My mom was the main tour guide during filming and my dad was on-set security, and were given a few items," says Allen. "The glasses are shown early in the movie and the painting is the one of Charles Collins."

The picture of David Selby is one of several paintings created for the production. The only other piece known to survive is the portrait of Angelique, which was given to actress Lara Parker, who still has it today. In addition to the drinks glasses, Allen's parents also own an original bound script, embossed with
Dark Shadows II, the film's working title.


Barry said...

WOW! That's an amazing set of items to own. Thanks for sharing the images!

susied said...

Very cool. Thanks for posting!