Friday, March 18, 2011

More From Eva Green

Black Book magazine has interviewed actress Eva Green this week about her movie Cracks, with the talk turning to her upcoming role as Angelique in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows feature film, which is due to start shooting in May.

Asked about the Dark Shadows screenplay, Eva reveals: "I'm not allowed to say too much about it. It's extremely well written, very, very funny, in a Tim Burton way. It's very focused on the actors, and the characters are really rich. My character is a full-on witch and she's completely obsessed with Johnny Depp's character, and she'll do anything to get him."

"It's the weirdest thing I've ever read. There will be blood... It's always dark and poetic with Tim Burton. It's a mixture of Sweeney Todd and Beetlejuice – back to his old roots. But he wants to focus more on the actors this time and the relationships." To read the full interview, click here.

In other movie news, IMDB has reported more Dark Shadows behind the scenes appointments. David Allcock has joined the art department as storyboard artist. His previous credits include the recent Sherlock Holmes movies, The Wolfman and the television series Merlin. Andrew Ryan is Dark Shadows' special effects technician. His past projects include The Golden Compass, Sweeney Todd and Robin Hood. And finally, Emma Pill is the production's supervising location manager. Her other work includes The Bourne Ultimatum, Alice in Wonderland and Inception.

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