Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Audio Dramas For May

Big Finish Productions have released cover artwork and synopses for May's Dark Shadows audio releases. The Blind Painter features Roger Davis as Charles Delaware Tate and The Death Mask stars Jerry Lacy as Tony Peterson with Lara Parker as Cassandra Collins. Both CDs can be pre-ordered by clicking on the hyperlinked titles.

The Blind Painter

The year is 1893, and struggling artist Charles Delaware Tate works alone in a garret in New York City. Frustrated by his lack of artistic genius, he seems doomed to a life of misery and failure. And then he meets Eloise Verinder... and his whole world changes. 1920. Tate now lives alone in a sanatorium. But he's still painting, creating extraordinary works of art. Even though he is completely blind. A new nurse arrives, eager to hear the story of Charles' rise and fall... and of his first encounter with Count Petofi...

The Death Mask
Moments after welcoming his guests to a party, millionaire Harrison Pierce is murdered. But his death is only the first of many as, trapped on an isolated island, his guests start to die in increasingly bizarre ways. Attorney Tony Peterson must join forces with a woman who destroyed his life years before, the beautiful but deadly Cassandra Collins. But can she be trusted? And what really is the secret of the mysterious Death Mask?


Chad Moore said...

What stunning covers! Can't wait to hear Nicola Bryant in a DS audio!

Travis said...

Beautiful graphic design! Looking forward to hearing the new dramas. I like the change of pace using some of the minor characters.