Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Movie Cast Revealed

The MTV Movie Blog reports that casting for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows movie is continuing apace, with two major names currently in discussions for the roles of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and Dr. Julia Hoffman.

Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Pfeiffer is linked with the part of Collinwood matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, a character originally played by Hollywood legend Joan Bennett. Pfeiffer previously worked with Burton on Batman Returns, giving one of her most memorable performances as Catwoman. Her other roles include The Fabulous Baker Boys, Dangerous Liaisons, Frankie and Johnny, and more recently Stardust.

Meanwhile, Tim Burton's partner and frequent collaborator Helena Bonham Carter is set to play Barnabas' ally Dr. Julia Hoffman, first portrayed by Grayson Hall. Carter is currently riding high from her acclaimed role in The King's Speech, which netted her a BAFTA award at the weekend. She has appeared alongside Johnny Depp in Burton's Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland, and features in the Harry Potter films as Bellatrix Lestrange. Her other credits include Fight Club, The Wings of the Dove and Terminator Salvation.


Debjorgo said...

I never thought of Elizabeth as being hot but ... and Julia might really have a chance with Barnabus this time.

Anonymous said...

With this news, I have died and gone to DS heaven....first Eva Green, and now these two lovelies!!! PERFECT CASTING!! Still holding out on JEH as Willie--but he may prove wonderful! I know things are looking better and better all the time!

Greg said...

This news is making me very happy. It seems everyday there's an awesome new bit of info on the new movie. Best of all the mainstream menia is writing about it like crazy and it isn't just DS publications.

This movie is going to be huge and with as much respect as Johnny Depp has for Dark Shadows it should be very true to what make Dark Shadows so special even all these years later. It's going to be interesting to see what Michelle Pfeiffer could do with Elizabeth. My only wish is that she can bring the class that Joan Bennet and Jean Simmons did to the character. HBC was an easy choice for Julia and I think she'll do well. Can't wait for tomorrow to find out the newest piece of the puzzle.

I know one thing, when this movie hits the theater, my butt will be stuck in that seat for multiple showings..not just me either, my whole family is already planning on going together since we're all huge fans.

Chad Moore said...

Helena Bonham Carter as Julia... I was right!

DarkShadowsGirl said...

I feel that Helena Bonham Carter would make a much better Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Liz Stoddard is a classic beauty...a reclusive New England ice queen. Michelle Pfeiffer can fit that bill PERFECTLY.

As for Helena Bonham Carter, she is quirky enough and has the commanding presence to chew up the scenery in what is an extremely flamboyant character.

Liz needs class and elegance. Julia needs eccentricity. I think the choices are perfect.