Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dress Up as Barnabas!

Costume specialists Elope are to release a range of officially-licensed Barnabas Collins costume pieces, allowing anyone to dress up as Collinsport's resident vampire at an affordable price.

The set launches with a deluxe Barnabas Inverness cape, wig, cane and ring available to buy separately. Prices range from $78.99 for the cape to just $3.99 for the ring. At $39.99, the wolf's head cane promises to be particularly popular, as the authentic design has only ever been available from specialist retailers at premium prices.

The range will be available from August and should be available to order soon.


Anonymous said...

This is good to know. I purchased the cane more than a decade ago for $369.00 from a medical supply house, lol, for use in my old age, or for whenever I get the "willies". I hope the lesser priced one will be a good replica. Mine has red faux "ruby" eyes. The wig looks pretty good; some guy will want that and the cloak. I have the ring which I bought for $39.99 back in the 90's; once owned the original one from the '60's but it was not as well made.

Mordo said...

This is GREAT!!! The cane has always been a bit out of my price range but NOW FINALLY I will be able to afford one! I just hope the wolfs head is made of metal and not plastic. Been searching for an Inverness for ages too

Anonymous said...

Mordo, I hope that the new replica will be of a substantial metal and not plastic, either. The one I have, and the one used on the show, were made of German Alpacca, a nickel silver alloy, for the head and maple, I believe, for the stick, although it is stained black. Mine has some gold trim around the wolf's mouth and teeth. I haven't seen that detailing, nor the red eyes, done on any of the newer ones that are now similarly priced to what I originally paid.