Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dark Shadows Costume Designer Interviewed

MTV has spoken to Colleen Atwood, the costume designer of the forthcoming Dark Shadows feature film, discussing her designs for Johnny Depp's incarnation of vampire Barnabas Collins. The actor was photographed by unofficial photographers during September location filming in Cornwall, with his unusual look becoming the subject of huge debate online.

"He plays a vampire who wouldn't normally go out in the daytime, but we wanted him to be able to have outings," explains Colleen. "So I did two or three different hat shapes and we tried them once he got his hair and makeup on. I also found these amazing hundred-year-old sunglasses, but they were too small... so I took them and had them copied. The color of the sunglasses and the color of the hat and his costume coat, which was a really dark green, is one of our favorite combos we've come up with in our work together."

Elsewhere, a new Dark Shadows production photograph has surfaced on the website of the British Society of Cinematographers. The image shows director of photography Mike Valentine BSC shooting an "underwater ghost" in a green screen tank at Pinewood Studios. To view the image, click here.

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Chad Moore said...

Finally, a new picture! And it's an exciting one, too!