Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Audio Dramas for 2011

Big Finish Productions have confirmed that a third series of Dark Shadows Dramatic Readings will be released in the summer, featuring original cast members performing all-new audio dramas. The six CDs will be available from May to July.

May's stories are The Blind Painter, starring Roger Davis as Charles Delaware Tate with Nicola Bryant, and The Death Mask starring Jerry Lacy as Tony Peterson and Lara Parker as Cassandra Collins. June sees the release of The Creeping Fog and The Lost Girl. The series concludes in July with The Poisoned Soul, starring Nancy Barrett as Charity Trask and Pansy Faye and The Carrion Queen, starring Jerry Lacy as Gregory Trask and Lara Parker as Angelique.

For more information and to pre-order online, click here.


no said...

macaWow, Big Finish continues to bring us enjoyable DARK SHADOWS-related stories.

Chad Moore said...

I'm intrigued by "The Lost Girl". I wonder who's starring in it?

Justin said...

Dig the BFP title card, too. Beautiful.