Monday, January 3, 2011

Into 2011

Happy New Year! In 2011, Dark Shadows celebrates its milestone 45th Anniversary with the production of a brand new movie adaptation from director Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. In recent months, the site's traffic has risen steadily as the new project has begun to receive more media coverage, so a belated hello to all our new readers.

For fans of Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp who've yet to experience Dark Shadows, the main site has plenty of information on the show. If you're interested in a proper taster, The Curse of the Vampire DVD condenses some of Barnabas' key storylines, and the 1991 Dark Shadows Revival Series DVD offers a big budget primetime remake in 12 episodes.

For Dark Shadows fans unfamiliar with the collaborations of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, Sleepy Hollow is a vivid Gothic fantasy based on the classic Washington Irving ghost story, and more recently, the pair reunited to work on Sweeney Todd, a glorious morbid adaptation of the Broadway horror musical. Both productions come highly recommended and can be ordered on DVD by clicking on the hyperlinked titles.

Meanwhile, the classic show lives on in new audio stories, a forthcoming comic book series, plus classic comic strip reprints from Hermes Press and action figures from Spectre Toys. Whether you're one of the original generation who ran home from school to catch the intrigue at Collinwood or a more recent convert, this site will be here to keep you updated on the latest developments from the world of Dark Shadows.


Debjorgo said...

Yeah, I've been buying the original series DVDs at Amazon but right now they are asking $50 - $60. That's more than I can pay, while planning on eventually getting them all. What were they, as little as $27 a little while back. I'll wait for another sale, assumming there will be one.

Debjorgo said...

Yeah. The DVDs are back down to $27.99.

margaretpatterson29 said...

As much as I love Johnny Depp, I love the original Dark Shadows more. I can 't see him as Barnabas. Chris Cross was a bit closer. I grew up with the original and still watch it. People like me will be a hard sell.
Good Luck !