Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Josette's Lost Music

Over the years, several readers have written in asking about the original theme used for Josette's music box during the early Barnabas episodes in 1967. This track was taken from a library record published by Warner/Chappell, and so is one of the few music cues on Dark Shadows not written by regular composer Robert Cobert.

By 1968, when the show had moved onto its 1795 flashback, to save paying for an additional music source, the melody was replaced by a new piece by Cobert, which remained in use for the rest of the series, bar a couple of accidental appearances of the original track during the dream curse storyline.

So, the burning question, where does the original piece come from? Well, it's a composition by prolific Canadian composer Robert Farnon, whose long career included collaborations with Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, along with hundreds of pieces for light entertainment and television. The 'Josette' track can be located thanks to its prominent appearance in an early episode of The Prisoner, Dance of the Dead; The actual cue is a single stanza which lasts for less than 30 seconds, so for Dark Shadows, a repeated edit was created to bring up the running time.

If you want to complete your Dark Shadows music collection, there's good news – this elusive track can be purchased from the UK iTunes store under its original title, Drumdramatics No. 2 (1-4), which is available here. Enjoy!


Chad Moore said...

Thanks so much for this!

Jeff said...

I found a clip on youtube of The Prisoner episode "Dance of the Dead" with the original version of Josette's Music Box.

The link is here:

The music starts at 5:06

playitagainsam said...

Does anyone know where I can purchase the "Robert Farnon Drama & Drums" CD that this track is on or just the track itself? I am in the US and not able to purchase it from the UK sites that this track is on.

StuartM said...

Sorry Sam, it doesn't seem to be available on CD. I think the reissue is only for digital formats.

John Draugr said...

Is there someplace I can get the original version of Josette's Music Box from the Dark Shadows TV show? I keep finding remakes, but not the original as it sounded when Maggie opened the music box.


John Draugr said...

OK, so I found Drumdramatics No. 2 (1-4), but sadly it is not for sale in the USA. That is weird that you can download/buy the digital track from Europe, Canada, but not here. :(