Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween is Coming

Halloween is just around the corner, so here's the Dark Shadows Journal's run-down on how to enjoy the holiday, Collinsport style. Way back when, this site hosted a Dark Shadows Halloween micro-site, featuring e-cards, desktop wallpaper and a a downloadable Barnabas jack-o-lantern pattern – just the thing for scaring away evil spirits and mad relatives in the attic.

If you're having a Halloween party, you'll need some party music, so why not check out the Dark Shadows: 30th Anniversary Collection, featuring some fantastic kitschy muzak arrangements of Robert Cobert's character themes. And if you're decorating your home with a flavour of Collinwood, then don't forget the blue candles and cobwebs. For party food ideas, the show's resident phoenix Laura, alias actress Diana Millay, has a great cookbook, I'd Rather Eat Than Act, featuring her personal recipes and tasty treats from Dark Shadows co-stars. Also, for some creepy festive viewing, check out MPI's two new DVD compilations – The Vampire Curse and The Haunting of Collinwood, plus for a midnight matinee round-off, there's the spin-off movie House of Dark Shadows, now available as a digital download.

I also realised this week that it's been 10 years since the Dark Shadows Journal launched online. The exact date is lost somewhere on a dusty hard drive, but this seems as good a time as any to celebrate. So a tip of the hat to everyone who's supported and contributed to this site over the past decade. Thank you all. Have a great Halloween everyone!


Troy said...

Thanks Stuart for all the work you do. Love your site and Happy Halloween!

ruby red said...

Yes, a mighty big "thank-you" to Stuart & his Staff "here" your hard works & Creativity in keeping the haunting COLLINS Family Estates Collinwood.net 'Site on going 24/7 is much appreciated, thank you! You guys take very good care of DARK SHADOWS monumental Classic History Archives: which keeps me quite happy/knowing their in good hands. And do have a chilly-Bite of a safe & Happy Halloween. Peace.