Saturday, September 26, 2009

News Bites

  • Night of Dark Shadows, the second Dark Shadows spin-off movie, is now available as a digital download from the iTunes store source from a new HD transfer. This version is the original theatrical edit of the film and not the mooted extended director's cut.
  • Rebecca Staab (1991 Daphne Collins) is to join the cast of ABC's Desperate Housewives, as the show enters its sixth season. Rebecca plays a new permanent resident of Wisteria Lane, and makes her debut on October 25.
  • Seaview Terrace, the original location for Collinwood, has ended its long-time affiliation with the Salve Regina University. For many years, the property's owners had leased rooms out as dormitories and teaching facilities. Seaview's owners, the Carey family, have now returned the Newport, Rhode Island location to a private property.
  • The Greystone mansion (1991 and 2004 Collinwood) was featured in the October 12 episode of Fox's House, titled Instant Karma. The show featured exterior and interior scenes of the estate and can be viewed online for a limited time.

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ruby red said...

I would very much like to see "House of..." and "Night of..." DARK SHADOWS in DVD formats for purchase, again. Both movies were and still are edge of your seat gripping! Nice to know that itune has "Night of Dark Shadows" for downloading. Happy Halloween, everybody & be safe out there. Peace!