Monday, October 26, 2009

News Round-up

  • Dark Shadows fans could recently see some familiar faces amidst the new US fall line-up. US Ivana Milicevic (2004 Angelique) guested on the October 14 episode of ABC's Eastwick, while Michael Cavanaugh (1991 Sheriff Patterson) turned up in the October 22 episode of FlashFoward.
  • Barnabas Collins is featured in a poll currently being conducted by the Paley Centre for the Media. You can vote for Barnabas as your choice in the TV Vampire (S)Takedown by clicking here.
  • Several readers have emailed in about the recent iTunes release of Night of Dark Shadows, which features some audio not included in the theatrical release, including additional music and some unheard dialogue. Dark Shadows movie expert Darren Gross tells me that this release accidentally uses the film's original magnetic soundtrack master, which includes some unmixed edit joins from the film's last-minute editing session. These were later smoothed out for the final release. Darren located the longer director's cut of the movie over 10 years ago, and has been working on a restoration effort, which includes reconstructing the full soundtrack. So while these glitches may leave iTunes viewers scratching their heads for now, they will play their part in the eventual restoration: "It's this aspect of the original master that's so helpful," explains Darren. "All these little bits help indicate what music was used in the scene that follows or the scene preceding it." 

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ruby red said...

That was a pretty hefty list of VAMPIRIES: and without a doubt the haunting "chiller" Barnabas Collins played by legendary Actor Johnathin Frid is #1 all the way, my most "all" time favorite treasure Vampiere forevermore!!! I aslo like or should I say fear very much Mr. Kurt Barlow of Salem's Lot & Spike of Buffy the Vampiere Slayer are haunting treasure, too.