Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Press Cuttings

With Halloween approaching, Dark Shadows has been getting plenty of mentions in the media:

Canadian news source CNews profiles Jonathan Frid (Barnabas), with An Interview with a 'real' Vampire; Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Kevin Williamson, executive producer for CW's The Vampire Diaries acknowledges Dark Shadows as an influence on his new show; while Phil Guarnieri discusses the nostalgic appeal of Dark Shadows for the Floral Park Dispatch

Rounding off things, New York's Paley Center for the Media will host Dark Shadows at Twilight: A Paley Center Vampire Weekend, taking place on November 13-15. Dark Shadows DVD producer and author Jim Pierson will be discussing the show on Saturday 14. For more information, click here.


Anonymous said...

I believe the DVD collections are on sale again at Amazon, 29.99.

ruby red said...

Oh, wow another great Celebration ahead for DARK SHADOWS Cast & everything "Vampire" @ The DARK SHADOWS@TWILIGHT PALEY CENTER VAMPIRE Weekend Now. 13th-15th, 2009 Party/Film/Panel gathering of frostbiten fans "all" around in supports of this clever Horror/Sci-Fi genre!!! Sounds wonderful & lots of fun: awesome interview "With a Real Vampire" the legendary Actor Johnathin Frid aka Barnabas Collins. Thrilled to know he/Barnabas was in the top 10 of the TV Vampire(s) Takedown: A hearty Congrats to all that were on the list especially my fave Vampire(s) BARNABAS/Dark Shadows, SPIKE/Buffy the Vampire Slayer-he was voted #1, newcomer DAMON/the Vampire Diary's and of course The Master MR. BARLOW/Salem's Lot lets talk goosechills, how frightening okay etc.,. that made the Paley Vampire list. Have a great weekend to those fortunate/lucky fans that are able to attend this special Event DARK SHADOWS@TWILIGHT PALEY CENTER VAMPIRE Weekend, this coming Weekend/Nov.13-15, 2009. Have fun!!!