Friday, January 20, 2012

News in Brief

  • Matthew Hall, the son of Dark Shadows actress Grayson Hall (Dr. Julia Hoffman) has begun writing a blog featuring recollections of his mother away from the cameras. To pay a visit, click here.
  • Original Barnabas Jonathan Frid is offering a 2012 calendar via his official website. Each one comes personally signed by Jonathan and can be ordered by clicking here.
  • David Selby's (Quentin Collins) new play Necessary Sacrifices has had to re-schedule its opening performances after an unforeseen cast change. The show, which features David as Abraham Lincoln will now run from January 26 until February 18 at Washington's historic Ford's Theatre. For more information on the date changes, click here.
  • And finally, Amazon are holding another sale for the Dark Shadows DVD range, with selected titles discounted. For a limited time DVD Collection 11, Collection 16, Collection 19, Collection 24 and Collection 25 can be purchased for half price. Click on the hyperlinked titles to order.

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Anonymous said...

I had the good fortune to speak to Grayson Hall in the late 60's. I was just a kid and I simply adored Miss Hall... I some how found out her telephone number and so I decided to call. The telephone rang and I felt my heart racing... Would she actually pick up the phone? Two seconds later, I heard her voice!!! We spoke for about 10 minutes and I was in complete awe of this great lady. She was so gracious and so very nice. I remember asking her if she were anything like the character she played on Dark Shadows, Dr. Julia Hoffman. Her reply in her raspy was hell no " Julia is such a scatterbrain", she chuckled and we both began to laugh. I will cherish this always. A couple of days later there was an autograph sent to me from her in the mail. Grayson Hall was truly one of a kind and I still adore her to this very day.