Sunday, September 4, 2011

Picture of the Week: Hot Rod Hearse

Though nearly 200 years out of his time, Barnabas Collins adjusted to the modern world enough to master driving, even if it mostly ended in roadside accidents. On television, he had to make do with a conventional car, but in 1969 model kit makers MPC went one better and devised the continuity-busting Barnabas Vampire Van – a groovy hot rod hearse complete with a miniature Barnabas sleeping in his coffin. Making its own bid for eternal life, the kit is now set to be revived by Round 2 models.
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kryystoff said...

This is pretty funny, because of course there were never any hot rods on the show (closest = Buzz' motorcycle?). But the marketing people tried to cash in as best as they could.

Howard said...

How cool, I used to have one of those, many, many years ago

Rick said...

Now that's hilarious! I can just imagine Willie, in a state of near nervous collapse, hauling Barnabas and Dr. Hoffman around. Looks more like Grandpas rod in the Munsters.