Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ghost Hunters at Collinwood

As recently reported, SyFy's supernatural investigation series Ghost Hunters will be paying a visit to Seaview Terrace, the Rhode Island mansion used for the exteriors of Collinwood on Dark Shadows.

Ghost Hunters: Dark Shadows airs this Wednesday and courtesy of SyFy, here's an advance synopsis. To see preview clips from the episode, click here.
Episode 713 – Dark Shadows Premieres September 7, 9.00pm/8.00pm Central

Forty thousand square feet. Gothic architecture. Former girls' boarding school. Once the house where the cult classic TV show Dark Shadows was filmed.

The owner of the Seaview Terrace in Newport, Rhode Island calls on the TAPS team to investigate the scary happenings in her home for the first-ever paranormal investigation of the mansion where the gothic soap opera was filmed. First there was a male voice in the hall saying, "Hello, is that you?" Then there was a drastic temperature change in the 3rd floor tower. The final straw was when she reached for a door handle only to see it slowly turn on its own. Jason, Grant and the team are about to get to the bottom of the all the bangs, footsteps and knocks and encounter the loudest evidence they've ever heard.

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TeresaT said...

I watched this episode of Ghost Hunters I found it to be very interesting. I love the house I wish I could see it for myself. The house was very intriging to me. Thank You for letting them share such A wonderful place with all.