Sunday, May 8, 2011

Picture of the Week: Shadows Over Italy

This week we travel to Europe, with a delightfully garish Italian lobby card for House of Dark Shadows, the first Dark Shadows feature film. "If you love tales of horror and vampires, then this film is for you!" it promised cinema-goers.

Incidentally, House of Dark Shadows can be seen this week on TCM, as part of the network's marathon of Joan Bennett (Elizabeth) movies. Catch it at 12.00pm on Wednesday May 11.

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Dark Shadows Fan Club of Southern California said...

It's at 12PM May 12, 2011 Pacific Coast Time Zone. My recorder is set!

Anonymous said...

I love how John Karlen and Nancy Barrett are front and center on this poster! They were fantastic in this scene, and really, in the entire film. Actually, whenever Willie or Carolyn were in a scene in HODS, you couldn't take your eyes off either of them. I guess it was the same way on the TV series too. Just two brilliant actors!!