Friday, May 6, 2011

Eva Green in Harper's Bazaar

Actress Eva Green is featured on the cover of June's European edition of Harper's Bazaar. The magazine features a photo shoot and interview, in which she discusses her upcoming role as the witch Angelique in the new Dark Shadows feature film.

In addition to revealing that she has recently undergone a body cast in plaster for the Dark Shadows special effects team, she also confirms that she will be playing Angelique with an American accent, rather than her native French, and has been working with a dialogue coach.

"This part is like a gift from the heavens," says Eva. "In Dark Shadows, Johnny [Depp] and I are like [Jean Cocteau play] The Eagle With Two Heads... In some ways we are the same creature." She also reveals that she is in the midst of discussing Angelique's look with director Tim Burton over email: "I agreed with his decision yesterday, but then last night I was whirring, whirring, whirring. I just couldn't sleep."

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