Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Movie Production Update

Production on the Dark Shadows feature film is now underway, with news tricking through from the movie's base at England's Pinewood Studios. Site-Eye, a company who provide time lapse filming services, told the Dark Shadows News Page's Twitter feed that they had made "a visit to Pinewood Studios to check out our new time lapse of the new Tim Burton set for Dark Shadows." For more information about Site-Eye, click here.

Elsewhere, an article on BBC News about the dying art of broom-making reports that specialist Sue Nash has recently supplied traditional brooms for Dark Shadows. Meanwhile, IMDB continues to report crew appointments. Chris Low is the film's supervising art director, with his credits including Quantum of Solace and Captain America: The First Avenger. Joining him as art directors are Dean Clegg, Jason Knox-Johnston, Neal Callow and Phil Sims.

David Balfour is the film's property master, with Michael Parkin on props, and James Wade acting as video assistant. And finally, Bryan Kopp is the costume department's illustrator, having previously worked on Alice in Wonderland.

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Chad Moore said...

Finally!! Very exciting news.