Friday, February 12, 2010

New Audio Dramas for 2010

Big Finish Productions have announced a number of new titles in their series of Dark Shadows audio dramas, with five new Dramatic Readings and a new four-part full-cast series due out in 2010.

The full-cast stories return in July with a four-part serial Kingdom of the Dead, picking up from the cliffhanger ending of The Rage Beneath. Recording has taken place in Los Angeles, New York and London. Confirmed cast members include David Selby (Quentin), Lara Parker (Angelique), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie), John Karlen (Willie), with Nancy Barrett (Carolyn), Marie Wallace (Eve), Lysette Anthony (1991 Angelique) and Alec Newman (2004 Barnabas) making guest appearances.

Kingdom of the Dead is written by Stuart Manning and Eric Wallace, and directed by Darren Gross. It will be available from July as a limited edition box set, or as four individual CDs from July to October. To pre-order online, click here.

The two-hander Dramatic Readings continue with Final Judgement, available now, followed by an additional four titles in the coming months. April sees the release of Blood Dance by Stephen Mark Rainey, starring David Selby and Lisa Richard (Sabrina Stuart), which features Quentin in prohibition-era Chicago.

Other stories in preparation include The Doll House by Torchwood and Being Human novelist James Goss and London's Burning by Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures script writer Joseph Lidster. For more information on these stories, click here. To pre-order upcoming stories on CD and download, click here. Listeners can also follow the productions on the Big Finish Dark Shadows Facebook Group.

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ruby red said...

I wish that the BIG Finish Production DARK SHADOWS Audio was available/can be ordered through "Barnes and Noble" here in the USA. It sounds wonderful and I love how the DS's Audio package is designed/very Classic "haunting" with Dark Shadows legendary Cast members on them. Breath taking images scenes shots are just lovly: all the best with the up and coming new BIG Finish/DS's Audio 2010...'sounds really intriqueing/I really lov it when just before DARK SHADOWS begins a Narrator-Cast member would update the TV audience of the show: sometimes it would be Carolyn, Victoria, Dr. Hoffman, Maggie, Quentin or Barnabas, Elizabeth, Roger etc.,. that would set the stage/show for that day. It was priceless...'I lov hearing their voices (& watching them, too!!! Big smile.): these new DS's Audio's and soon to be Classic's definately takes "embrance" us/DS's fans "early & new" back to that whole Heartenly. Thanks BIG FINISH for that!