Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Actor Updates

  • David Selby (Quentin) was a recent guest on Canadian talk show Unscripted. The episode can be viewed online here. He's also due to appear in the upcoming story of Facebook movie The Social Network, scripted by The West Wing's Aaron Sorkin.
  • Lisa Richards (Sabrina) is currently on stage at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in Pulitzer Prize-winning drama The Buried Child, which runs from February 5-21. For more information, click here.
  • Julianna McCarthy (1991 Mrs Johnson) guested in the February 2 episode of CBS' NCIS: Los Angeles. The episode can be viewed online here.


...... Bobbi said...

Cool interview with David Selby! Thanks for posting the link! I depend on your site for my Dark Shadows updates.

ruby red said...

Really lovely indepth "Unscripted" Interview w/legendary Iconic Actor/Writter DAVID SELBY (QUENTIN!). Mr. Selby still have those "mystery-ghost" Blue eyes...'and quite Handsome, too: luv the "jewel" photos of him from infant to adulthood and "all" the incrediable TV & Movie Scripts/Character roles he brought to Life. The Classic DARK SHADOWS (his famous Role as Quentin Collins) & FALCON CREST (famous role as Richard Channing) are amongst my ultmost favorite's which he brought to vivid Life w/genuine haunting style & Classic charisma. And his/Mr. SELBY's protrayal of President Abraham Lincoln was/is just phenomenal! I wish him/David Selby and the other legendary DS's Cast & Crew continue "success" in all their endeavors. Godbless.

ruby red said...

..'to "add" more onto my previous re-ply comment due to I didn't have enough time & plus the other two DARK SHADOWS's character's/the ladie's didn't "ring" a bell immediately at the time but that doesn't make them less significant for they "certainly" are important DARK SHADOWS Cast legend members Ms. Lisa Richards/SABRINA Sturt from Original DS and Ms. Julianna McCarthy/Mrs. JOHNSON (Willie's Aunt on the Re-visited DS's 1991)..'when I saw her face I said that's "Snappy's Mom" from the Classic TV Soap "Young & the Restless" back in the '70's. I treasure both Classic DARK SHADOWS TV Series: especially the origional 1966 DS's TV Soap which is the Master Blueprint that paved the way for future Supernatual Horror/Sci-Fi "chills" to follow. All the best to the legendary Actresses Ms. L. Richards w/her new play "Buried Child" a real Mystery Thriller that is and Ms. J. McCarthy in her recent TV spot guest appearance on the new NCIS. And in closing/it was certainly a "treasure-delight" seeing the indepth "Unscripted" interview with origional DARK SHADOW's legendary Actor/Writter DAVID SELBY "QUENTIN" - he is a beautiful enchanting person w/a rich quiet & serious demeanor about him. All the best to "all" with their busy endeavors. Peace!