Monday, February 22, 2010

Audio Drama Recording Continues

Dark Shadows cast were back in the studio in Los Angeles this weekend, as recording on the new series of full-cast audio dramas continues. Jerry Lacy, Kathryn Leigh Scott, John Karlen and Andrew Collins will be heard in the four-part miniseries, Dark Shadows: Kingdom of the Dead, due out in July.

The new CDs are available to pre-order online here, plus series co-writer Eric Wallace has been busy documenting the recording sessions on his blog, which can be viewed here.


Jeff said...

The guy on the right looks like the actor who plays the fashion reporter on "The Bold and the Beautiful".

ruby red said...

Great photo-shot of DARK SHADOWS Origional legendary Acting/Cast members: Jerry Lacy/Rev TRASK (makes one quiver in their shoes, his character was & still is something else...'lov you Mr. Lacy even though your character frightens me to the core of my being), Kathy Leigh-Scott/MAGGIE, JOSETTE (So so beautiful and quite bold/curious standing up to Barnabas & Quentin..'lov you Ms. Leigh-Scott) and John Karlen/WILLIE LOOMIS (..'my heart went out to his character when he opened up BARNABAS casket thinkin' he would find treasures there..'my goodness he certainly found a "bite of a treasure" everlastin' Scary: the look on Willie's handsome face frightenly "priceless"...'lov you Mr. Karlen. And Actor Andrew COLLINS welcome to the "DARK SHADOWS" Family in audio: once again "thanks" BIG Finish Production for bringing The DARK SHADOWS Family together, again in your Audio DS's series and "please" connect with "Barnes and Noble" in the USA so the DS's 2010 Audio(s)/previous ones (and new) can be purchased in the United States, as well. All the best!