Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amazon DVD Sale

Good news for readers with gaps in their Dark Shadows DVD collections, as Amazon are running another sale on the episode box sets. For a limited time, the entire range is available at half price, averaging at just $27.99 a volume. Here are ordering links for the discounted titles:

Dark Shadows: The Beginning (pre-Barnabas episodes):

Dark Shadows DVD Collections (episodes from Barnabas' arrival onwards):

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ruby red said...

What a great bargain price that AMAZON is showcasing for the DARK SHADOWS Classic-Collection volumes. There real treasures the Collection box sets: I only have two box sets Dark Shadows #11 & #13(and plan to buy more) and I totally cherish them to heart & paid the full $60 plus tax (yes, that's a pretty big penny but it was "worth" it 100%!!!) Nice to see it's half off online & would like to see maybe some of the Retail stores like FYE, Suncoast & Best Buy Stores (only have online for full price) carry the Dark Shadows Collections in there stores with the same offer of being 1/2! That would be cool, too.