Friday, June 26, 2009

New DVD Releases for September

TVShowsonDVD reports that MPI Home Video are to release two new Dark Shadows compilation DVDs, showcasing the classic scenes from two of the show's most popular characters, Barnabas and Quentin. The Curse of the Vampire features material from the introduction of Barnabas and 1795, while The Haunting of Collinwood condenses the ghost of Quentin's possession of David Collins. Both releases are due out on September 15. Here's some advance information and cover graphics:

The Curse of the Vampire
Cursed by the scorned witch Angelique, Barnabas Collins returns to Collinwood as a creature of the night. The character of Barnabas Collins, a sympathetic vampire, turned the Dark Shadows series into a must-see event for over 20 million viewers. In this special release, the story of how Barnabas was cursed as one of the living dead is detailed in a selection of scenes from the most popular episodes. pecial features include a new interview with Jonathan Frid (Barnabas).

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The Haunting of Collinwood

High atop Widows' Hill, off the stormy Maine coast, sits the foreboding Collinwood, home for centuries of the wealthy Collins family. An exorcist is summoned after the children a Collinwood are possessed. In this special release, the story of how the ghost of Quentin Collins haunted the eerie estate of Collinwood is detailed in a selection of scenes from the most popular episodes. Special features include a new interview with David Selby (Quentin).

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...... Bobbi said...

Cool! Of course, I already own all the DVDs.

Jonathan said...

Well it will give casual fans or new fans a chance to get a taste of Dark Shadows