Friday, June 12, 2009

Echoes of Insanity

Big Finish productions have announced the final title in their current series of Dark Shadows dramatic readings, which is due out in July. Lara Parker and John Karlen star in Echoes of Insanity, which explores the shady past of Willie Loomis.

Framed by Barnabas to protect his secret, Willie lies injured in the Windcliff Institute, haunted by the memories of his ordeal. His only hope is the mysterious golden angel who appears in his dreams, but does she have her own agenda?

The script is by D. Lynn Smith, a new contributor to the range, whose screenwriting credits include episodes of Murder, She Wrote, Touched by an Angel and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. "Watching the show as a child, Angelique and Willie always particularly intrigued me," she explains.

"Angelique was a witch, she was also a strong, intelligent woman who knew what she wanted and went after it – a great role model at a time when female role models were hard to come by. Willie was wild and handsome and brash. Writing this story gave me an opportunity to explore Willie's adventures before Collinsport, exploring a past to which the original series only alluded."

Echoes of Insanity can be purchased on CD by clicking here.


gbsmiles said...

I was just curious if there are place to continue doing the series after this release?

StuartM said...

Yes, lots of new releases in the pipeline - look out for some announcements here soon.

Greg said...

Thanks for the info Stuart...I'm very glad there will be more!!! said...

I own the entire Dark Shadows series on DVD, and I still watch my most favorite episodes (which is Barnabas and Angelique in 1700's New England). Dan Curtis was GENIOUS in pairing those two as bloodthirsty advasaries. House of Dark Shadows was more of the same, just completely terrifying on the wide screen. However, Night of Dark Shadows with David Selby and Kate Jackson is ultimately my favorite.
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