Monday, May 19, 2014

Hermes Press Launches Dark Shadows Appeal

As we recently reported, Hermes Press are currently preparing a new volume dedicated to the 1971-72 Dark Shadows daily newspaper comic strip, which will include the Sunday panels presented in full colour as originally printed. In association with Dan Curtis Productions, Hermes are looking for complete copies of the Sunday Dark Shadows comics covering the publication dates of November 14 1971 to March 4 1972.

Dark Shadows fans or comic strip collectors who may be able to help with some of the needed Sunday clippings will be acknowledged in the upcoming book with a special thank you and will receive a complete set of all the Hermes Press Dark Shadows books for their assistance. If you can help, please contact

Dark Shadows: The Complete Newspaper Dailies and Sundays is due out in August and can be pre-ordered by clicking here.


Sharon Lynn H. said...

You know it would be "fantastic" (also) to see an Animation film-movie on the Classic DARK SHADOWS. The established/fame HERMES Press Co. DS's Comic books are total-treasures...'the pen and ink-colors illustrations are spectacular image(s) on the DARK SHADOWS Family. Beautiful and deeply cloaked in Gothic-chill Mystery. Awesome!!

Unknown said...

It would be nice if they reprinted the 1at volume of the comic collection!