Thursday, January 3, 2013

Picture of the Week: Drawn-Out George

This week it's a great 1961 caricature of second Burke Devlin actor Anthony George, in his guise as one of the detectives of Checkmate. Anthony is pictured with his co-stars Sebastian Cabot and Doug McClure.

Offscreen, the pressure of heading the cast of primetime television show often placed a strain on Anthony, as he revealed in a 1962 interview with The Evening Independent. "I still haven't figured myself out yet... I'm now getting what I fought for – and, believe me, it wasn't an easy fight – I should be deliriously happy with myself, but I'm not." 

Anthony went on to explain the frustrations of Checkmate's fast turnaround. "Why do they keep rewriting scripts? Do you know what it's like to memorize a script at home with the feeling that no matter how letter-perfect you master your lines, they're going to change it anyway?" He concluded: "To me, it's like driving a car with faulty brakes!"

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Evan Stansbury said...

The show's long forgotten (I think), but I saw some on a (snowy) UHF station in the late 1960s. Not a bad show at all...

Sharon Lynn H. said...

Like the vintage pen and ink illustration featuring the veteran Actor Anthony George/the 2nd Burke Devlin on DS's. I like him as well yet the 1st DS's Burke Devlin played by Mitchell Ryan will always be my favorite. Both Actors are legends and priceless!!