Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dark Shadows Movie Artistry

  • Prosthetic make-up company BGFX have released some images of their work from the recent Dark Shadows feature film, including an unused design for an emaciated Barnabas. Check it out online by clicking here.
  • Concept artist James Carson has posted a gallery of Dark Shadows artwork on his website, including early designs for the interiors of the Collinwood mansion. To view it online, click here.
  • And finally, the Moving Picture Company have posted a video breakdown of their visual effects work on Dark Shadows, which can be viewed in the window below.


Sharon Lynn H. said...

The visual effects in the new Dark Shadows movie were brilliant and chilly breathtaking: I was totally floored/moved by the moving statures in the Collins Mansion Homestead. I got all misty eye due to the Interior designs to COLLIN Wood Mansion/Homestead (and the creepy-chilly Music/and Acting Cast, too)..'but the Interior design really floored me for I noticed the Statures thougout the Mansion matches the old Antique stature that's embedded alongside the Cloak in the legendary Classic DS's main entrance Hall. Awesome/Brilliant!!!! Thanks so much for that Concept Artist James Carson for bringing Collins Mansion to Life...'your designs of the Collins Family Mansion Home is magnificent as were the DS's Cast (Barnabas, Dr. Hoffman, Angelique, Elizabeth, Carolyn, Victoria, Roger, David, Willie, Mrs. Johnson (next time let her talk..'for Mrs. Johnson has lots of feisty/personalty)..'delivered performance bringing our much beloved characters back Home to us/and there's more DS's Family to this list that stories need to be unveiled. So looking forward to sequel(s) seeing their stories come to Life on the big screen!!!! God Bless.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

I misspelled Clock (oops it says "cloak" above..'smile)..'It's the old fashion Antique CLOCK that the haunting looking stature is embedded alongside it. It's very beautiful and chilly at the same time. I look forward to seeing a sequel to DARK SHADOWS on the West Wing of the House: where the Ghost of Quentin Collins lives and "please" bring Prof. Stokes into the story as well, etc.,. there's so many amazing Classic characters in DS's. SCARY and mysterious, they are!!! Have a great day, StuartM.

Frederick said...

I wish we had seen the cemetery pictured in the designs, in the film! I assume this was for where Barnabas was originally planned to be discovered and released. I would have much preferred that over the McDonald's scene as it turned out.