Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Picture of the Week: Period Drama Moonlighting

This week it's a radiant 1969 shot of actress Virginia Vestoff (Samantha Collins), taken during the recording of the cast album for Broadway show 1776. During her stint on Dark Shadows, Virginia juggled her appearances with evening commitments
as Abigail Adams in the stage musical. "It's lucky I like period costumes, because I wear them both afternoons and evenings," she told TV Dawn to Dusk in 1970. "I live in three centuries... the 18th on Broadway, the 19th on TV and the 20th in my everyday life – and I enjoy the best of each of them!"

1776's cast also included David Ford (Sam Evans) and later, when adapted for the big screen, Emory Bass (Mr. Best) and Daniel Keyes (Eagle Hill Caretaker). A perennial favourite, the film is still repeated and is also available on DVD.

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Unknown said...

These pictures are truly a dream.

Sharon Lynn H. said...

We have that hit Musical 1776 on DVD and watch it yearly: oh, my goodness it's one of my all time favorite Musical(s) and Ms. Vestoff our DS's Samantha Collins (she's married to Quentin Collins in one of the Pararrel times) is John Adams wife (making gun powder for the Troops). She has a great singing voice and love the vintage B/W photo of her. Amazing, can't wait to tell my sister. The DARK SHADOWS Deluxe DVD mega set is Classic Epic!!

Sharon Lynn H. said...

Been watching 1776 DVD movie this week and oh my goodness, it's true: I'm like that's Maggie Evans Dad/Sam Evens Actor David Ford playing John Hancock the 1st to sign Jefferson's "Declaration of Indeption" and Virginia Vestoff/Samantha Collins playing Abigail Adams. 1776 is a Epic spectacular Musical-movie: lov' it and the songs are brilliant, and like DARK SHADOWS it has an amazing Cast of Master talents. I like the "Picture of the Week" spot when it's up and hope to see in future a vintage spot-light on DS's Keith Prentice/Morgan Collins (his intense/so handsome), Lee Beery/Joanna Mills (beautiful lady & can be quite chilly), Clarice Blackburn/Mrs. Johnson, Minerva Trask (she's a trip/awesome Actress...'so frightening when she was following Joan Bennett/JUDITH Collins around Collin Wood Mansion and her character was dead..'scary!!) Etc.,. to spotlight a "Picture of the Week" on. THANKS for the awesome Spotlight/Picture on Ms. VESTOFF, she's stunning and very talented.