Monday, December 10, 2012

December News Digest

  • Daniel Day Lewis' new film Lincoln features a mini Dark Shadows reunion in its cast. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gulliver McGrath play Abraham Lincoln's sons Robert and Tad, having both played David Collins respectively in the 1991 Dark Shadows revival and 2012 movie remake. Jackie Earle Haley (movie Willie Loomis) also features in a supporting role.
  • FX's American Horror Story: Asylum included a little nod to Barnabas in its November 14 episode, which featured villain James Cromwell wielding the familiar wolf's-head cane. Series creator Ryan Murphy is a self-confessed Dark Shadows fan and has spoken before of his love of the show.
  • Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans) is running a holiday promotion on her Dark Shadows books and photographs. From now until the new year, each order will come with a free signed Dark Shadows Christmas card. For more information, click here. Also, Kathryn's next novel, Down and Out in Beverly Heels, is released next March and can be pre-ordered now by clicking here.
  • CBC Hamilton has published a fascinating story about departed Dark Shadows legend Jonathan Frid (Barnabas), revealing some of the provisions made in his will and details of his retirement years in Canada. To read it online, click here. And finally, TCM have released their 2012 In Memoriam video reel, which includes footage of Jonathan. It can be viewed in the window below.

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Sharon Lynn H. said...

Touching heartwarming Tribute Memorium 2012 that TCM pays respects to: All those treasure legendary Actors/Actresses (P. Diller, E. Borgnine, Peter Breck, Albert Freeman, Jonathin Frid, etc.,.) that give much enjoyment to us fans on the big screen and small screen. Thank you for your creative gifts you shared w/the World. Yes, for sure I've enjoyed ALL the DAVID'S (Joseph Gordon-Levitt-total mischeif David and Guilliver/he added a sweeter edge to David I think so/just a little mischeif AND of course the legendary David HENESY-the Original DARK SHADOWS's very "clever & puzzleing" David Collins)...'I also was moved by their fine performance in the movie LINCOLN.