Friday, June 1, 2012

Angelique Conquers The World!

Lara Parker's Dark Shadows novel Angelique's Descent has gone global, with the publication of six new international editions, which are available now. 

Shown below are covers for the French paperback, La Malediction D'Angelique (The Curse of Angelique) from Michel Lafon; A British e-book from Canvas Publishing; An Italian hardback, La Maledizione di Angelique (The Curse of Angelique) from Tre60; A Polish paperback, Mroczne Cienie: Narodziny Angelique (Gloomy Shadows: Birth of Angelique); A Brazilian paperback, Sombras da Noite: A Queda de Angelique (Shadows of the Night: The Fall of Angelique); And lastly, a Hungarian paperback, Angelique Hagyatéka (Angelique's Inheritance). Click on the images for larger views.


Nathan Watson said...

Ok. Those are awesome. How and where do I get my copies?

StuartM said...

The hyperlinked titles have sales links to the editions known to be available online.

carl4job said...

I would think the this may be the height of Ms. Parker's career!
Congratulations, Lara!

Sharon Lynn H. said...

That's fantastic: the global DS's book designs look haunting, chilly and just all around captiviting, brilliant. A big congrats to the legendary Lara Parker/Angelique on her books.