Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dark Shadows Festival Schedule Unveiled

The Dark Shadows Festival has posted a tentative schedule of event for this month's 45th Anniversary convention, taking place on August 19-21 in Brooklyn, New York. It's also been announced that attendees of Sunday's closing celebrity banquet will receive a commemorative gift bag, including an autographed picture of Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins), plus an exclusive Dark Shadows anniversary DVD not available elsewhere. There's still time to attend and registration details can be found on the Festival's official website.

Friday, August 19
4.00: Registration Opens
6.00: Opening Ceremonies
6.30: Dark Shadows episode as aired on ABC-TV with original commercials
7.00: Dark Shadows Remembrances – Kathryn Leigh Scott and Kathleen Cody
7.45: Dark Shadows Remembrances – Lara Parker and Jerry Lacy
8.30: Dark Shadows Remembrances – Marie Wallace and Chris Pennock
9.15: Collinsport Players Skit I
Dark Shadows Surprise
Night Of Dark Shadows
12.00: Alexandra Moltke Isles'
Hidden Treasures
1.00: Late Night Horror Movie

Saturday, August 20
11.00: Dark Shadows Music Videos/Dark Shadows in the media
12.00: Remembering Joan Bennett – with author Brian Kellow
12.30: Nurse For A Day: Winning a role on
Dark Shadows – with Bobbi Ann Woronko
Dark Shadows Charity Auction I
2.00: Guest – Jonathan Frid presents
Frid's Favorites
3.00: Guest – Kathryn Leigh Scott presents
Dark Passages
Dark Shadows Audio Dramas
4.00: Guest – David Selby presents
My Shadowed Past
Dark Shadows Cast Reunion
5.15: Autographs/
Dark Shadows in an hour
6.30: Depp Shadows – Discussing the new
Dark Shadows movie
Dark Shadows Influences – The Crucible starring Thayer David, Clarice Blackburn and Kathleen Cody
Dark Shadows Costume Gala
9.30: Collinsport Players Skit II
House Of Dark Shadows
The Devil's Daughter with Jonathan Frid
1.00: Late Night Horror Movies

Sunday, August 21
Dark Shadows Today – with ShadowGram editor Marcy Robin
12.00: Chris Pennock's
Dark Shadows Comics
Dark Shadows Kids – Sharon Smyth and Kathleen Cody
Dark Shadows Charity Auction II
2.00: Guest – Roger Davis presents
Outside The Shadows
2.30: Guest – Lara Parker: New
Dark Shadows novel preview
3.00: Dramatic Performance – Nancy Barrett and Jerry Lacy
3.45: Dramatic Finale – Jonathan Frid and David Selby
6.00: Banquet and Awards Dinner with the stars
9.00: Goodnight/End of Events

Note: All times are approximate and subject to change


Denise B said...

I will be there, and I can't wait - this will be my first festival in 8 or 9 years!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there too--it's my 4th in a row! Prior to that, I had never gone before, but I love being bi-coastal and it gives me a good excuse to visit two of my favorite US cities--LA and NY!

Denise B said...

I've never been to a west coast fest, but used to go to east coast ones all the time - the big ones and the smaller ones they used to have in Norwalk, CT and Tarrytown :)

Anonymous said...

I'm making sure to get over to Tarrytown to see Lyndhurst and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Denise B said...

Lyndhurst is beautiful! I have never had a chance to check out Sleepy Hollow Cemetery though - I hope you enjoy the visit!