Saturday, August 13, 2011

Audio Releases For August

Big Finish Productions have unveiled covers and advance information for this month's Dark Shadows CDs, which are out this week. The Crimson Pearl is a special anthology story featuring cast and characters spanning the history of Dark Shadows, in celebration of the show's 45th anniversary. Also new for August is Music From the Audio Dramas Volume Two, compiling original soundtracks created for recent Big Finish stories.

The Crimson Pearl
The year is 1690. Isaac Collins is sailing to America to establish a new life for his family. Suddenly, during a strange and unnatural blizzard, he discovers a single blood-red pearl – a pearl that seems to sing to him… The pearl will be going on a journey, passed down through generations, bringing luck both good and bad. But what does it want? Why is its journey so linked to the Collins family, and who will ultimately take ownership of the Crimson Pearl?

Music From The Audio Dramas Volume Two
Featuring original music scores from The Doll House, The Death Mask, The Blind Painter, The Creeping Fog, The Carrion Queen, The Poisoned Soul and The Lost Girl.

Both discs can be ordered now on CD by clicking on the hyperlinked titles above.

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