Monday, July 25, 2011

Dark Shadows Filming Moves to Beckenham

The Dark Shadows movie is set to film on location at Beckenham Place Park, as principal photography continues. The Beckenham Town website reports that night shoots are taking place this week, with the park's golf course closed. Signage for the film's company, Shadow Dark Productions, has already been spotted on site, as can be seen in this photo posted by Tiny_Packages on Flickr.

Beckenham Place is a large public park located south of London, on the borders of Kent. The area includes an 18th century mansion, located near the golf course, along with woodland areas and extensive landscaped grounds. As always, we emphasise that the Dark Shadows set is manned by security and filming will not be visible to the general public.

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codeman said...

The strange thing to me about the photo is that it just states "Caution", but not "Keep out!" If I was there I would probably venture forth exploring. . .haha